“10 STARS! I would give Nenita 10 stars if I could!  I’m nearing mid life and have been seeing acupuncturists for 35 of those years. Due to a move, I began looking for a new practitioner in Carlsbad.  Luckily, I searched YELP and found Nenita at Aviara Acupuncture & Integrative Health. I have been thoroughly impressed with her bedside manner, skills in applying the needles, and in her communication about the treatment plan.  Her knowledge and commitment to top-notch patient care is quite admirable. I was quite concerned with knee pain that kicked in a couple of months ago.  Nenita walked me through her plan for treatment, her recommendations for limited activity between visits, and always fully listened each time I came in to her office so she was up to date on changes in my pain. Now a few weeks after starting treatment, my knee is pain free and I have a game plan to continue to take care of it on my own. I have been a huge supporter of Acupuncture for 35 years and am quite thankful that Nenita is such an amazing Acupuncturist and a kind human being.  If you are looking for an acupuncturist, look no further!  Nenita will provide you with excellent care!”
– Carrie C.

“I truly can say that my life has been changed in an amazing way since beginning treatments here.  Nenita is warm, caring, extremely professional, and sincerely cares about her patients.  Her space is also very inviting.  All of the issues I began acupuncture for have been greatly improved or resolved altogether.  I HIGHLY recommend Aviara Acupuncture!!!”
– Holly L. Carlsbad, CA

“For those of you looking for an acupuncturist, I highly recommend Nenita. I have been seeing Nenita for the past 5 months for neck and back pain, stress management, and overall health and wellness. Nenita is professional, kind, knowledgeable, and is genuinely interested in providing the best care possible to her patients. Her office is also very clean, nicely decorated and very relaxing.
For those of you who are hesitant about acupuncture, fear not- Nenita makes sure you are comfortable the entire time and addresses any concerns or fears you may have. I was nervous about acupuncture at first, but Nenita answered all of my (many) questions and made sure I was taken care of.
Since starting acupuncture with Nenita, I have been sleeping better, feel less stressed, feel less pain in my neck and back, and I have way more energy! Acupuncture has truly made a positive impact on my health and I am so thankful that I found Nenita. She truly has made my experience with acupuncture so pleasant and healing. I feel great and my body feels more in balance than it has in a very long time! Thank you Nenita!”
– Nikki R. Oceanside, CA

“Aviara Acupuncture is located in Carlsbad & I highly recommend having your individual consult and treatments with Nenita. I was referred to her by a friend of mine. I had my consult and have been getting treatments mainly for my fibromyalgia for a little while now.  I’ve been getting good results and have been seeing her weekly. I really look forward to my treatments.  She treats you as a whole person as well as the isolated issues at hand.  Eastern medicine is the way to go.  She will also assess what herbals are best for your condition(s).  Each time I am treated I leave feeling full …Mind Body & Soul.  She truly cares and builds a partnership rapport with you as an individual.  I love the cupping treatments the most.”
– Bridgette G. Oceanside, CA

“After going to my general practitioner and a disappointing experience at physical therapy, I turned to accupuncture with Nenita McElroy and honestly surprised at the instant results that I didn’t expect. I’m not saying I was 100% cured, but had a significant reduction in pain in both my hands that the western doctors were not addressing or able to fix right after my first visit. She was also able to help with my insomnia, headaches, and severe back pain. OK, I was a wreck, but with her amazing patience and guidance she talked me through the process and time line that I should hope to see results and so far everything has been on track. With in the first week, I felt a better range of motion in my whole body, and my spirits were lifted. Combining my treatments at Aviara Acupuncture with some gentle yoga was just  the track that I needed. I highly recommend anyone that is ready to give her a try. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Nen.”
– Kate J. Carlsbad, CA

“Nenita is wonderful and very passionate about her work. She has been working on my tennis elbow. She is warm and calm and very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine. I give her her five stars! She is a great listener and takes her time with you to get to the heart of your problems.”
– Tammy B. Scottsdale, AZ

“I began my wonderful journey with Nenita almost a year ago. She’s a beautiful person inside and out. Her smile brightens your day and heals your soul. She has a magical touch in her practice. Her acupuncture techniques is gentle and comforting! She worked with me in healing my back pain issues and has brought back my overall (chi) energy level. Thanks Nenita for being such an amazing person and an acupuncturist. Look forward to working with you in the future.”
 – Parisa T. Vista, CA

“If you are ever feeling hopeless from chronic pain please come to Aviara Acupuncture. Nenita is one of the most intelligent, loving and solutions driven women I have ever met. She honestly makes miracles happen! I had a botched knee surgery and herniated discs in my neck, and at 28 when you have a bit of a limp and neck trouble it’s worrisome. I have had countless shots, drugs and rehab, but never made the type of progress to recovery like I have here. I did sign up for a package, as these issues were classified as chronic by a doctor, but now I’m healthy enough to be doing boot camps! There is a month break between the next boot camp season coming and I will be signing up on another package because I’m excited on the continued, pill free, rehab from Nenita.”
– Amanda R. Del Mar, CA

“I have been with Aviara Acupuncture for over a year for different acute issues.  I have nothing but good things to say for Nenita. She is one of the most caring integrative health care practitioners out there.  She truly takes the time to evaluate the whole person. Nenita has a huge heart, extremely knowledgable and has a passion for understanding and treating her patients. Each time I know that I am getting her attention and wisdom to help with different symptoms.  I highly recommend Aviara Acupuncture and Integrative Health to anyone seeking a genuine and dedicated experience.”
– Jackie B. Encinitas, CA

“Nenita is terrific!  I have been seeing her regularly for the past year for different issues particularly my migraine headaches. I am so happy to have gone to her because my migraines are a thing of the past. She is so patient and caring. Really a breath of fresh air when it comes to overall treatment as compared to others.”
– Maria R. Carlsbad, CA

“I have been seeing Nen for acupuncture  for over a year now, I try to go every 2 weeks.  I have inflammation in the knees and wrist pain from over use of the computer.  I have been a runner for years and I have bad knee joints- Nen has been very helpful to alleviate the pain. I continue to excercise bc of the treatments. I also  do acupuncture for my over all health.   She also do cupping which I enjoy.  I would recommend Nen if you are looking for an alternative way to deal with pain.  I have not need to take an Advil in almost a year.  I also sleep like a baby after every time  I see her.”
– M.P. Carlsbad, CA

“Nenita has created a very special healing space at Aviara Acupuncture.  I came into her office and the first thing you feel is peace. I have been going through some challenges with my hormones and within 1 week of receiving an acupuncture treatment from Nenita I have felt so much more clarity and inner balance then I have in about 3 years.  I am sleeping better, I am not as “Moody” as I use to be and just all in all feel better. If you are looking to feel your optimum call Nenita.  She has both the Western and Eastern mentality and can work with anyone.”
– Mia W. Oceanside, CA

“Nenita is very knowledgeable in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She has a background in both and we had a wonderful discussion on health and wellness after my session with her. She understands the whole body and how a each client need an individualized approach to their health. She takes the time to answer questions and the session is not rushed. I came out of her office with complete confidence in her abilities. I would highly recommend her business if one wants to bring their life into a more complete balance.”
– Scott W. San Diego, CA

“Nenita is a wonderful, warm, and down to earth person. Just being in her office is calming and relaxing. She genuinely desires to help others overcome their issues, whether physical or mental health related. Nenita goes above and beyond in her acupuncture practice to support others’ well being, and I trust her wholeheartedly.”
– Shana S. Carlsbad, CA

“Aviara acupuncture & Integrative Health (owner Nenita McElroy) is the best place to go in Carlsbad. She has done an amazing job in relieving my chronic neck & shoulder pain In just 2 visits there was a remarkable decrease of the discomfort and within 2 more visits the irritation almost is completely gone I was very skeptical at first but it’s hard to argue with success. Thank you Nenita You’re The Best!”
– Dan P. Carlsbad, CA

“I went to see Nenita to have acupuncture for the first time when I was experiencing some severe neck pain. She is beyond warm, caring and friendly and explained everything with such detail. I went in feeling frustrated with my body and left feeling renewed and in far less pain. I highly recommend Aviara Acupuncture and look forward to going again!”
– Ashley C. San Marcos, CA

“I would like to take a moment to thank you for the acupuncture treatments I received from you about 4 weeks ago. For years I have suffered from severe arthritis pain in my left hip and tendinitis in my right rotator cuff.   With only 2 treatments, I have been pretty much pain free and have full range of movement again. A big plus is being able to sleep through the night without having to rollover all night. I was apprehensive at first, but you made me very comfortable and thank you for introducing me to acupuncture and Chinese medicine.I look forward to learning more from you about other alternative medicines and herbs.  I was delighted to learn that you were at one time in your career a critical care nurse at Duke and UCLA prior to pursuing your new career. I am new believer in acupuncture and will not hesitate to do again.”
– Pollock, Atlanta, GA

“I saw Nenita after an international trip when I hurt my back. I had several chiropractic treatments when I returned but they only gave temporary relief. After Nenita’s first treatment, the pain was substantially less and each day, it eased up a bit more. After the second treatment, and about a week, the pain completely resolved and didn’t return. What a relief.  When a nagging knee pain from running returned, I went to Nenita again and she was also able to get rid of the pain and get me back on the road and set a new personal record. I have sent several friends as well and they have all had really good experiences. Since this first time, I have seen Nenita for another back issue and much to my amazement, it worked even after several weeks of struggling with it. This medicine is magic (because I don’t understand it) and Nenita has a mastery of it. Thank you!”
– Michael, San Diego, CA

“Nenita is simply the best most caring understanding acupuncturist ever. Highly recommend her.”
– Raquel P. Carlsbad, CA

“Nenita is a wonderful practitioner and I highly recommend her acupuncture services. In the weeks before Christmas, I came to Nenita because I was in a lot of jaw pain and looking for a way to help alleviate it. She recommended a few sessions of acupuncture, and in the course of treatment, my pain went away completely;while it started subsiding immediately, it gradually was completely eliminated – so much so that when I saw her again after the Holiday, she asked about my jaw and I had completely forgotten that it had been so painful (the pain had been gone for weeks at that point, and never returned, so I forgot about it!). Check her out, you won’t regret it!”
– Mary L. Carlsbad, CA