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“I write this experience with Aviara Acupuncture with such gratitude for Nenita. My journey to becoming pregnant was a long one. I was on the path to creating a safe place for a child to be born, I carefully and well planned out had weaned myself off of anxiety medicine, and sought after a well-balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle to prepare my body. Through this journey, I reached out to Nenita for more support, because I heard wonderful things that acupuncture could do to help with fertility. Nenita was so thorough in getting to know me from the first consultation to each visit and then after. Her genuine kind attitude was exactly what I needed. She listened as I expressed my concerns, frustrations, and desires to have a family and get my body into a healthy place.

After a few months and some tests from outside doctors, we did need to seek alternative methods of getting pregnant. Since I was working with Nenita she had prepped my body before treatment and during. We successfully got pregnant in the first round. Going through infertility treatment is not easy- you have tons of emotions- disappointment, frustrations, concerns, financial burden, and excitement from the possibilities. Overall it is not an easy experience. Throughout the whole process, I went to Aviara Acupuncture knowing that Nenita was going to support my body but also be that person that would listen as well.

My husband and I are forever grateful for the kindness and generosity of compassion and determination Nenita does for her patients. I would highly recommend Aviara Acupuncture for any acupuncture support you may need. You will be taken care of by a dedicated client service provider.”

J.C. Yoga Instructor/Teacher, Cardiff by the Sea, CA

“I started seeing Nenita due to problems conceiving with our first child. Six months into trying to conceive I started working with her to address spotting between periods and very long cycles. I worked with her for six months doing weekly acupuncture and herbs when we discovered that we were also dealing with male factor infertility on my husband’s side. We were told our odds of conceiving naturally were very small and opted for IVF. I continued to see Nenita through IVF, where our first transfer was a success, and also through my first trimester to deal with morning sickness and discomfort.

After the birth of our first child, we experienced an early miscarriage and opted to use acupuncture and herbs to see if we could conceive naturally. My husband also took daily herbs to manage the low morphology that he was dealing with. Nenita once again got my cycles back on track and stopped the spotting. She told us to wait for 3 cycles before trying to conceive to avoid another possible miscarriage. We got pregnant the first month we tried, which is amazing!

I highly recommend Nenita if you are struggling with fertility. Our fertility doctor told us there was a good chance we would never conceive on our own but with Nenita’s help, we were successful. Plus, she has struggled with fertility issues herself so she can relate on so many levels. She is a sweetheart and we are very thankful that we met her!”

L.H. Business Owner, Carlsbad, CA

“I’ve been a patient of Nenita’s for several years. Most recently I had been experiencing chronic lower back pain as well as pain in my right hip. At times the pain was such that I could not enjoy my normal activities, like pickleball and bicycling. I had not been able to sleep on my right side for over 6 months. My Kaiser primary care doctor suggested I try acupuncture for relief. I am happy to say that within hours of my session, all of my pain was gone! I can now comfortably do the activities I love and also sleep soundly once again. Nenita combines her training as a nurse with her acupuncture knowledge. I believe this gives her the unique ability to integrate East with West medical solutions. She is honest about what she can and cannot treat. I’ve seen two other acupuncturists over the past ten years and Nenita is the best I’ve had. I highly recommend her. ”


“Nenita is the absolute best acupuncturist I have ever been to, and I have been to many. No one can compare her level of compassion, skill, and knowledge. The fact that she is also a trained nurse who worked in the field for years, gives me comfort that if there were a “western” solution/problem she would let me know. Nenita has totally changed my quality of life and I’m thankful every day.”

D.F. Retired Administrative Assistant, Encinitas, CA

“For those of you looking for an acupuncturist, I highly recommend Nenita. I have been seeing Nenita for the past 5 months for neck and back pain, stress management, and overall health and wellness. Nenita is professional, kind, knowledgeable, and is genuinely interested in providing the best care possible to her patients. Her office is also very clean, nicely decorated and very relaxing.
For those who are hesitant about acupuncture, fear not- Nenita makes sure you are comfortable the entire time and addresses any concerns or fears you may have. I was nervous about acupuncture at first, but Nenita answered all of my (many) questions and made sure I was taken care of.
Since starting acupuncture with Nenita, I have been sleeping better, feel less stressed, feel less pain in my neck and back, and I have way more energy! Acupuncture has truly made a positive impact on my health and I am so thankful that I found Nenita. She truly has made my experience with acupuncture so pleasant and healing. I feel great and my body feels more in balance than it has in a very long time! Thank you Nenita!”

N.R. Yoga Instructor, Oceanside, CA

“I started to visit Nenita while having severe back and leg pain associated with a herniated disc. With a pain level of 10, it was difficult to do simple movements(let alone activities like pickleball or cycling) such as standing upright and walking more than 20-25 feet. In addition, taking a handful of painkillers each day wasn’t something I found particularly helpful.

During my first visit, Nenita spent a good amount of time asking questions and listening to my issues while explaining in great detail what she was going to do and the benefits of her treatment. As god is my witness, I was able to walk out of the office with a significantly lower pain level and feel much better about my situation. Each visit afterward was better than the last and within 3 weeks my pain level was reduced to zero. The combination of acupuncture and cupping my lower back was the cure that I needed at the time to relieve my pain and anxiety of not being very mobile.

My disc issue has passed however I will continue to see Nenita as part of a well-rounded change in how I treat future physical ailments. I’ve done acupuncture in the past however Nenita is definitely the best in the business.”

G.R. Sr. Manager, Vista, CA

“For my entire adult life I have struggled with the stress-driven pre hypertension/high blood pressure. Acupuncture treatment via Aviara Acupuncture and Integrative Health has been the only successful treatment and nearly 20 years of disappointing results via traditional medicine.

I am convinced that the key to the success of this treatment was how well-rounded, individualized, and holistic Nenita was in her diagnosis, analysis, and treatment. Her extensive education and experience in both traditional Western medicine and holistic Eastern medicine position her to deliver a precise, individualized level of care that for me was strikingly and refreshingly effective.

For nearly twenty-five years I tried every possible approach to lowering my blood pressure to avoid a lifetime of medication with some negative side effects. Thanks to the industrious support and expertise of Nenita McElroy I finally have a tool to combat this problem, which is free of any negative side effects and promotes holistic health and wellbeing. I am deeply appreciative for this solution and just wish I had found it decades ago.”

E.F. Ph.D. USD Professor, San Diego, CA

“In early July I began suffering from sciatica. I was unable to sleep lying down and had to try to sleep in a chair. My doctor took x-rays but didn’t recommend anything. After a couple of sessions of acupuncture I was able to sleep through the night, in bed! Within a few more treatments, 90% of the pain was gone with only momentary flare-ups. While it has taken some time and patience, I’m sure that acupuncture was the best treatment for my condition. Nenita has been wonderful.”

R.G. Operations Manager, Encinitas, CA

“Nenita has completely changed my life! I went to Aviara Acupuncture and Integrative Health to treat chronic migraine headaches. I have experienced headaches since I was a young girl and began having migraines in my early 20s. In 2018 the migraines became very frequent and were debilitating. I was being treated by my primary care physician and was taking strong prescriptions that had side effects in which I didn’t like. The migraines were increasing in frequency and severity so I was referred to a neurologist for treatment however the earliest appointment was four months later.

I was feeling desperate at this point and called Nenita to make an appointment. She listened to me intently and was very sympathetic. At my first acupuncture appointment we developed a treatment plan. From the start of treatment my headaches begin to diminish. I had one migraine and saw Nenita while I was experiencing it. During this treatment my migraine went away and I have not had another migraine since. It’s been about five months now and I’m still migraine free! I can live my life without dealing with debilitating headaches and migraines and without taking strong prescriptions.

It’s been an amazing and life-changing experience. I feel very blessed to have met such a wonderful acupuncturist that not only can successfully treat my migraines but also cares about me as a person. Thank you again Nenita for all that you have done for me.”

C.P. Business Analyst, Oceanside, CA

“I truly can say that my life has been changed in an amazing way since beginning treatments here. Nenita is warm, caring, extremely professional, and sincerely cares about her patients. Her space is also very inviting. All of the issues I began acupuncture for have been greatly improved or resolved altogether. I HIGHLY recommend Aviara Acupuncture!!!”

H.L. Business Owner, Carlsbad, CA
Keena Saulpaw
Keena Saulpaw
I have been going to Nenita for a couple years now. She is the most caring, compassionate practitioner I have ever had. Over the last couple years, I have struggled with my Endometriosis symptoms, GI issues, and also sciatic nerve pain. Nenita has always helped with these issues and is generally interested in my health and healing. I see her monthly now at this point and she is just as concerned for my health and wellbeing as when we first met when I was desperate for pain relief. Acupuncture has helped my physical health as well as my mental health. I recommend Aviara Acupuncture to everyone!
Katie Vredenburgh
Katie Vredenburgh
I have been seeing Nenita for the past couple of months and I would highly recommend Aviara Acupuncture to my family and friends. The atmosphere is so relaxing and peaceful, and Nenita is so kind, genuine, and really cares about you as an individual. She has been so helpful at addressing my stress induced reflux after moving this past year. She has also addressed my neck tension and has helped me have a health reset and feel all around well again, after a very stressful past couple of years. If you are hesitating to try acupuncture or are looking for a good location in Carlsbad, no need to look anywhere else. I can’t say enough great things about Nenita!
LukeTylerC C
LukeTylerC C
This is a long overdue review. Been a patient for three years. I have been to three other acupuncturists who tend to rush you out for the next patient but not Nenita. I went to see her because I had pain on both elbows I could not raise my arms up. She explained what she will do and how many visits before you can expect improvement. If you want to get to the core you have to allow your body time to heal and adapt. A great bonus is she has a nursing background so she has the medical knowledge as well. I feel like I am literally walking on air after a session because endorphins are triggered. I go for monthly maintenance or when I start feeling off. I truly believe she has helped me with my immunity. If you decide to try acupuncture my advice is stick to it, be patient. It may take several visits but the long term benefits are rewarding. My whole family sees her regularly.
Albert Lim
Albert Lim
I've been seeing Nenita for about 2 years now. Nenita has treated me for severe cervical pain from a protruding disc, low back pain, and chronic tendonitis. As a physician and someone that has been treated by multiple accupuncturists for my entire life with great results, I have to say that Nenita is excellent. Excellent results and extremely compassionate. As I make my new home here, I feel reassured that I have discovered such a trusted healer.
Erik Ruggaard
Erik Ruggaard
Nenita is an amazing acupuncturist! Highly intuitive and provided amazing relief for my back pain. 5/5 :))
I have been a patient of Aviara Acupuncture for 5 months.  Nenita is the best acupuncturist and the best healthcare professional I have ever had.  She has a wonderful personality on top of her professional skills and knowledge. For my first visit, I had severe pain around my neck and shoulder caused by weight training. I was not able to move my neck, my hand started to numb, and it did not go away for a month. I then had Nenita's first treatment. The pain was gone right after the first session. It took seven weeks (8 sessions) for the numbness to disappear completely. I recently pulled the same shoulder muscle and had pain again after I carelessly lifted a 10 lbs weight.  I had the pain for a few days, and then I had her treatment. The levels of pain were reduced right after receiving her acupuncture and cupping treatment.  I was completely pain-free four days after the session.  I see her for monthly maintenance. My experience with Nenita's treatment is absolutely positive, and I highly recommend Aviara Acupuncture.
veronica aguilera
veronica aguilera
I had the best experience here! I loved Nunita. She was amazing. She spent lots of time with me asking questions and listening. She was very compassionate and explained everything well. I felt so comfortable with her. She is genuine. I will be going back!!
mike lewis
mike lewis
Absolutely the best acupuncture I have ever had. They took the time to question me on my issues and then focused on those areas. They had amazing results. I would HIGHLY recommend Nenita with her knowledge, compassion and experience. Cannot say enough good things about her and the benefits of her knowledge.
Raquel Pulinario
Raquel Pulinario
Nenita is simply the best most caring understanding acupuncturist ever. Highly recommend her.
Mary Lockwood
Mary Lockwood
Nenita is a wonderful practitioner and I highly recommend her acupuncture services. In the weeks before Christmas, I came to Nenita because I was in a lot of jaw pain and looking for a way to help alleviate it. She recommended a few sessions of acupuncture, and in the course of treatment, my pain went away completely; while it started subsiding immediately, it gradually was completely eliminated - so much so that when I saw her again after the Holiday, she asked about my jaw and I had completely forgotten that it had been so painful (the pain had been gone for weeks at that point, and never returned, so I forgot about it!). Check her out, you won't regret it!

“I am a 72-year-old avid tennis player, water skier, and snow skier. Recently, my playtime has been significantly abridged due to a hip injury and a diagnosis of severe arthritis with no cartilage in my right shoulder, requiring a shoulder replacement. Seeking an alternative to replacement surgery, I had stem cells injected into that shoulder several years ago, but no positive results followed. As a final resort to avoid surgery, I decided to try acupuncture and had the good fortune of finding Nenita at Aviara Acupuncture and Integrative Health six months ago. Using acupuncture and herbs, Nenita addressed both problems. The hip issue, which was a torn tendon, tendonitis, and bursitis, has nearly completely healed, so much so that I experienced no difficulty with the hop on a recent snow skiing trip. The shoulder is a much more difficult problem. The progress with my shoulder, which was in constant pain even at rest and suffered severe restrictions and range of motion, has been quite impressive. From the first treatment, Nenita was successful in dialing down the shoulder pain substantially. With each subsequent treatment, the effect of her acupuncture lasted increasingly longer. Within two months Nenita had reduced the pain level to nearly nonexistent, except when employing my right arm to do certain repetitive or strenuous motions. This allowed for a reduction in the frequency of treatments. Within four months, I began to notice slight increases in my range of motion. At this point, the increase in the range of motion is substantial. Further, although there is still pain with certain movements, the recovery time to return to a pain-free level is very reduced, even though the frequency of treatment is now only once every three weeks. I have the highest respect and praise for Nenita’s professional expertise. I seriously doubt that I could have gotten to this point with another acupuncturist. Nenita is extremely diligent in finding the exact spots to place her needles to achieve the best results and to make acupuncture a painless process. Her knowledge of Chinese herbs is superb and she can prescribe those formulas that specifically target the problem. As a former intensive care nurse, she is equally qualified in Western medicine and can blend it with Eastern medicine where necessary. From the outset, Nenita was confident that the brand of precision acupuncture coupled with highly targeted Chinese herbs and good nutrition, would enable the body to heal itself. Although I can still not play tennis pain-free, I recognize that this is a lengthy war and I am quite happy to be winning battles along the way. For anyone seeking alternative medicine, Nenita has my highest recommendation.”
B.C. Retired US Navy Fighter Pilot, Carlsbad CA


“10 STARS! I would give Nenita 10 stars if I could!  I’m nearing midlife and have been seeing acupuncturists for 35 of those years. Due to a move, I began looking for a new practitioner in Carlsbad.  Luckily, I searched YELP and found Nenita at Aviara Acupuncture & Integrative Health. I have been thoroughly impressed with her bedside manner, her skills in applying the needles, and her communication about the treatment plan.  Her knowledge and commitment to top-notch patient care is quite admirable. I was quite concerned with knee pain that kicked in a couple of months ago.  Nenita walked me through her treatment plan, and her recommendations for limited activity between visits, and always fully listened each time I came into her office so she was up to date on changes in my pain. Now a few weeks after starting treatment, my knee is pain-free and I have a game plan to continue to take care of it on my own. I have been a huge supporter of Acupuncture for 35 years and am quite thankful that Nenita is such an amazing Acupuncturist and a kind human being.  If you are looking for an acupuncturist, look no further!  Nenita will provide you with excellent care!”
– C.C. Project Manager, Oceanside CA


“I am a 65-year-old woman who has had a lifetime of digestive issues that my doctors diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After years of visits to Western medical doctors, numerous tests, and multiple treatment strategies, my digestive system was getting progressively worse, rather than better. Eventually, I landed in the emergency room with diverticulitis. At this point, a friend referred me to Nenita at Aviara Acupuncture, and even though I had never had acupuncture treatment before, I eagerly made an appointment with her. This turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. I have been seeing her for several months now, and for the first time since I can remember, I have stable digestion! The constant inflammation, accompanying pain, and other symptoms, have improved considerably. I can now eat food that I was unable to tolerate previously, and am able to live a life without constant worry of my digestive system getting in the way. In addition to my digestive issues, Nenita has treated me for chronic headaches that my doctors were unable to diagnose or effectively treat. These headaches left me debilitated for several days a month. After her treatment, I have now been headache-free for two months and counting! I cannot stress enough how much acupuncture treatment has changed my life and enhanced my overall health and energy. Nenita’s expertise in Chinese medicine is quite impressive. In addition, her kind and loving approach has been soothing to my soul. I highly recommend her for anyone struggling with a chronic health condition.”

C.M. Retired College Professor, San Marcos CA


“Aviara Acupuncture is located in Carlsbad & I highly recommend having your individual consult and treatments with Nenita. I was referred by a friend of mine. I had my consult and have been getting treatments mainly for my fibromyalgia for a little while now.  I’ve been getting good results and have been seeing her weekly. I really look forward to my treatments.  She treats you as a whole person as well as the isolated issues at hand.  Eastern medicine is the way to go.  She will also assess what herbals are best for your condition(s).  Each time I am treated I leave feeling full …Mind Body & Soul.  She truly cares and builds a partnership rapport with you as an individual.  I love the cupping treatments the most.”
– B.G. Business Owner, Oceanside CA


“After going to my general practitioner and a disappointing experience at physical therapy, I turned to acupuncture with Nenita McElroy and was honestly surprised at the instant results that I didn’t expect. I’m not saying I was 100% cured but had a significant reduction in pain in both my hands that the Western doctors were not addressing or able to fix right after my first visit. She was also able to help with my insomnia, headaches, and severe back pain. OK, I was a wreck, but with her amazing patience and guidance, she talked me through the process and time line that I should hope to see results and so far everything has been on track. Within the first week, I felt a better range of motion in my whole body, and my spirits were lifted. Combining my treatments at Aviara Acupuncture with some gentle yoga was just the track that I needed. I highly recommend anyone that is ready to give her a try. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you!”
– K.J. Artist, Carlsbad CA


“Nenita is wonderful and very passionate about her work. She has been working on my tennis elbow. She is warm and calm and very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine. She is a great listener and takes her time with you to get to the heart of your problems.”
– T.B. Scottsdale AZ


“I began my wonderful journey with Nenita almost a year ago. She’s a beautiful person inside and out. Her smile brightens your day and heals your soul. She has a magical touch in her practice. Her acupuncture techniques is gentle and comforting! She worked with me in healing my back pain issues and has brought back my overall (chi) energy level. Thanks, Nenita for being such an amazing person and an acupuncturist. Look forward to working with you in the future.”
 – P.T. Dental Hygienist, Vista CA


“If you are ever feeling hopeless from chronic pain, please come to Aviara Acupuncture. Nenita is one of the most intelligent, loving and solutions driven women I have ever met. She honestly makes miracles happen! I had a botched knee surgery and herniated discs in my neck, and at 28 when you have a bit of a limp and neck trouble it’s worrisome. I have had countless shots, drugs and rehab, but never made the type of progress to recovery like I have here. I did sign up for a package, as these issues were classified as being chronic, but now I’m healthy enough to be doing boot camps! There is a month break between the next boot camp season coming and I will be signing up on another package because I’m excited on the continued, pill free, rehab from Nenita.”
– A.R. Consultant, Del Mar CA


“I have been with Aviara Acupuncture for over a year and for different acute issues.  I have nothing but good things to say for Nenita. She is one of the most caring integrative health care practitioners out there.  She truly takes the time to evaluate the whole person. Nenita has a huge heart, extremely knowledgeable and has a passion for understanding and treating her patients. Each time I know that I am getting her attention and wisdom to help with different symptoms.  I highly recommend Aviara Acupuncture and Integrative Health to anyone seeking a genuine and dedicated experience.”
– J.B. Art Teacher, Encinitas CA


“Nenita is terrific!  I have been seeing her regularly for the past year for different issues, particularly my migraine headaches. I am so happy to have gone to her because my migraines are a thing of the past. She is so patient and caring. Really a breath of fresh air when it comes to overall treatment as compared to others.”
– M.R. Attorney, Carlsbad CA


“I have been seeing Nenita for acupuncture for over a year now, I try to go every 2 weeks.  I have inflammation in the knees and wrist pain from over use of the computer.  I have been a runner for years and I have bad knee joints- acupuncture has been very helpful to alleviate the pain. I continue to exercise because of the treatments. I also do acupuncture for my over all health. She also do cupping which I enjoy.  I would recommend Nenita if you are looking for an alternative way to deal with pain.  I have not need to take an Advil in almost a year.  I also sleep like a baby after every time I see her.”
– M.P. Fashion Designer, Carlsbad CA


“Nenita has created a very special healing space at Aviara Acupuncture.  I came into her office and the first thing you feel is peace. I have been going through some challenges with my hormones and within 1 week of receiving an acupuncture treatment from Nenita I have felt so much more clarity and inner balance then I have in about 3 years.  I am sleeping better, I am not as “Moody” as I use to be and just all in all feel better. If you are looking to feel your optimum, call Nenita.  She has both the Western and Eastern mentality and can work with anyone.”
-M.W. Commercial Realtor, Oceanside CA


“Nenita is very knowledgeable in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She has a background in both and we had a wonderful discussion on health and wellness after my session with her. She understands the whole body and how a each client need an individualized approach to their health. She takes the time to answer questions and the session is not rushed. I came out of her office with complete confidence in her abilities. I would highly recommend her business if one wants to bring their life into a more complete balance.”
– S.W. Business Owner, San Diego CA


“Nenita is a wonderful, warm, and down to earth person. Just being in her office is calming and relaxing. She genuinely desires to help others overcome their issues, whether physical or mental health related. Nenita goes above and beyond in her acupuncture practice to support others’ well being, and I trust her wholeheartedly.”
– S.S. Psychologist, Carlsbad CA


“Aviara acupuncture & Integrative Health is the best place to go in Carlsbad. Nenita has done an amazing job in relieving my chronic neck & shoulder pain. In just 2 visits there was a remarkable decrease of the discomfort and within 2 more visits, the irritation almost is completely gone. I was very skeptical at first but it’s hard to argue with success. Thank you Nenita, you’re the Best!”
– D.P. Retired, Carlsbad CA


“I went to see Nenita to have acupuncture for the first time when I was experiencing some severe neck pain. She is beyond warm, caring and friendly and explained everything with such detail. I went in feeling frustrated with my body and left feeling renewed and in far less pain. I highly recommend Aviara Acupuncture and look forward to going again!”
– A.C. Branch Operations Manager, San Marcos CA


“I would like to take a moment to thank you for the acupuncture treatments I received from you. For years I have suffered from severe arthritis pain in my left hip and tendonitis in my right rotator cuff.   With only 2 treatments, I have been pretty much pain-free and have a full range of movement again. A big plus is being able to sleep through the night without having to rollover all night. I was apprehensive at first, but you made me feel very comfortable and thank you for introducing me to acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I look forward to learning more from you about other alternative medicines and herbs. I am new believer in acupuncture and will not hesitate to do again.”
– D.P. Military Project Manager, Atlanta GA


“I saw Nenita after an international trip when I hurt my back. I had several chiropractic treatments when I returned but they only gave temporary relief. After my first treatment, the pain was substantially less and each day, it eased up a bit more. After the second treatment, and about a week, the pain completely resolved and didn’t return. What a relief.  When a nagging knee pain from running returned, I went to Nenita again and she was also able to get rid of the pain and get me back on the road and set a new personal record. I have sent several friends as well and they have all had really good experiences. Since that first time, I have seen Nenita for another back issue and much to my amazement, it worked even after several weeks of struggling with it. This medicine is magic (because I don’t understand it) and Nenita has a mastery of it. Thank you!”
– M.M. Marketing Director, San Diego CA


First, one could not be in more caring or professional hands than with Nenita. Second, one will achieve results! Third, the needles do not hurt. They are not like having a shot. I have a severe case of Celiac Refractory Sprue. Symptoms of Celiac are weight loss, malabsorption, chronic fatigue, diarrhea, muscle aches, stomach cramps, bloating, gas, swelling, and anemia. Since using acupuncture and keeping my strict gluten-free diet I have now gained weight meaning, I am now absorbing nutrients! My bowel movements are normal! My fatigue is far less. I do not have stomachaches and can even drink coffee again. My iron levels are holding much more steadily. It is all pretty amazing to me. I feel fantastic! The next greatest improvement is that I have been able to reduce my medication. I had as many as 2-3 pills a day and now I take only one every other day!
D.J. Retired HS teacher, Carlsbad CA


“Nenita is simply the best most caring understanding acupuncturist ever. Highly recommend her.”
– R.P. Interior Designer, Carlsbad CA


I have been going to Nenita, regularly for several months for my skin issues. I was in dire straits last summer when the skin on both sides of my torso began to turn a dark blue color with a yellowish border around the rash. It was awful. I have a weakened immune system due to the many regimens of antibiotics I have been put through over the years since childhood. My work place stress and high sugar diet were not helping. This weakness shows up as an unbearable and itchy skin rashes. Nenita methodically took the time to ask questions in order to understand my history, diet and surrounding environments. Over the course of weekly treatments, my skin rash gradually receded and the itchiness reduced as well. Some days, there would be very little itchy discomfort. My skin began to look normal again, including my nails. I highly recommend Nenita if you are new to acupuncture and if you are ready for alternative ways of getting better without the use of synthetic medications, since many of these almost always have some side effects.
B.A. Engineer, Escondido CA


“Nenita is a wonderful practitioner and I highly recommend her acupuncture services. In the weeks before Christmas, I came to Nenita because I was in a lot of jaw pain and looking for a way to help alleviate it. She recommended a few sessions of acupuncture, and in the course of treatment, my pain went away completely; while it started subsiding immediately, it gradually was completely eliminated – so much so that when I saw her again after the Holidays, she asked about my jaw and I had completely forgotten that it had been so painful (the pain had been gone for weeks at that point, and never returned, so I forgot about it!). Check her out, you won’t regret it!”
– M.L. Consultant, Carlsbad CA